Thursday, November 3, 2011

How I got started..

Most authors will tell you they have been writing for years, that they have always wanted to write and loved to read and thought of nothing else. That their lives were consumed by great ideas and reading was an adventure. Well let me stop you there. That wasn't the case for me. In fact I didn't get into reading until I hit college. And writing? Was the farthest from my mind.

I've always had a fascination for the paranormal, whether it was ghosts, vampires, werewolves or anything out of the ordinary. But it never occurred to me to pick up a book and read about them. I was more of the movie type. Because if you could watch it in 2 hours and it be done, how fast is that right? I've always loved Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned. The old Bram Stroker movies were great. So as you can already tell I had a thing for vampires. I love how sexual and strong they are, not only physically but mentally. The idea of being near that power and energy is so amazing. Just watching them or even now reading about them there is a crackle of energy that goes through you as you read and experience their stories.

The idea of living forever has is pros and cons but what had me hooked with vampires was the dominance. You dont see a weak vamp in books or movies and if you do they don't live too long. They know how to handle most situations (and of course its the love part that stumbles them up, go figure) but they find a way to make it work. Whether it be with a human, vamp, imortal, were or whatever vampires have always been flexible when it came to who they could be with. So I love the diversity with them. And of course who doesn't get excited thinking of a vamp coming up close to you, brushing your hair aside to have the perfect angle, watching as your pulse beats faster, anticipation swarming you and then before you know it his fangs are burring deep in your neck...Ok sorry, got off track for a second there. But you get the point, they are sexy as hell and are my all time favorite paranormal creature.

So back to how I got started. You might find it funny to learn that my very first vampire book was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Yes I know not everyones first choice but she did get me started. Well actually my sister turned me on to the book in the first place so I should be thanking her! My sister was the same a me, we didn't read. We didnt grow up reading so to find out that she had finished not only the first and second book but was working on the third was mind blowing to me. If she had read them they had to be good! So I picked up the first book and started it one night while I was away at college and didnt put it down until the next night when I finished it. I couldnt believe it. I had never read so fast and been so swept up by a book in my life. Now granted since then I have read many many books and have been lost in them just as equally but from that moment on I was hooked. I bought every vampire paranormal book I could get my hands on. I read so many authors I can't even name them all or pick a favorite. I admit I was Twilight obsessed for awhile there but soon found so much more in the paranormal romance section.

After college and reading so many more books I found a new place to be all the time, FaceBook. Yes I know its anotehr addiction, and became even more so when I found out about Role Playing. I had no idea what the hell it was. It was an accident that I even heard about it. At that time I had just finished reading the latest book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. That is definitely one of my favorites, so i can pick one lol. I ha made a comment on her fan page and someone asked if I wanted to join a group, not knowing much else I agreed and got started. Well that was the start of my writing. I was on everyday all day reading other posts and writing as much as I could with anyone who would write with me. But soon writing for someone elses characters wasn't enough. So I created a few indy characters and started my own groups, making up our own stories and creating new worlds. I started writing small chapters and adding the on my pages.

A big help and influence is my fiance Todd. From day one he has always told me to do what makes me happy. Being in a long distance relationship makes it hard to always do that when you only get to see each other on weekends. But even when were together if I need to get things done with writing or anything he has never had an issue with it. I cant tell you how rare that is and how much I love him for it. He has done so much for me and put up with so much I can't thank him enough for being who he is to me.

I never got as far as publishing anything but then I met Michelle Hughes. She had just put out her first book A Night at Tears of Crimson and I loved the idea. I bought the book and read it up. She had a Role Play group that was just starting so being the big RPer lately I asked to join. I loved player her charas and helped in any way I could. I must have been doing something write because she asked me to co-write the second book Eternal Crimson. Which is where I am today. Writing with Michelle and promoting her first book, which was just so great. It's new and different and you would all love it!

So that is my story.. I hope it make some of you think and maybe even inspire some of you. Just because I started late in the game and wasn't interested in reading or writing doesnt mean I cant be great now. We all learn and do things at out own pace and doing what you love is what matters. So if you've always thought about writing or are just getting started I wish you luck and know this, even the best author needs help and can always learn more.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Own You

Getting out of work early from the bar Kaleb decided to pick up Mia from her late shift at the hospital. She was working way too hard and he didn’t like it. She may love this job, but if it was stressing her out he would rather see her at home all day, relaxing as she should be. The past few weeks have been rough for them. With the new bar opening up and Mia’s early shifts it was hit or miss. But tonight she was all his. Grinning he pulled the Hummer into the underground garage of the hospital parking lot. It was pretty empty except for an old beater in the corner. Perfect, he didn’t want anyone getting close his to baby. Locking it up and pocketed his keys he strolled into the hospital. The siding doors whooshing open as he stepped close. The smells of the hospital assaulted his nose and it made him grimace. How could Mia stand this on a daily basis? Shaking it off he walked down the long white hallway towards the elevators and hit the up button. Waiting impatiently for the cab to get to his floor he rocked back on his heels and whistled, getting stray looks from passing nurses he smiled politely but didn’t give them a second look. Mia was all he could think about. The ding of the elevator brought his wondering mind back and he hopped on hitting the button for the 4th floor.

Watching the lights illuminate as he passed each floor his heart started to pick up pace. He could feel her getting closer. Now that they had this mental link they could feel each other all the time and talk to one another just by thinking it. But he wanted his visit to be a surprise so he blocked her end. Not letting her in. He did that at times when things were rough at the bar and he needed to handle a drunken customer. He didn’t need Mia hearing any of that, some fights were pretty rough. She wouldn’t think anything of it since she figured he was still at work.

When the elevator stopped at the floor Mia was on he stepped out, his hands in his pockets and a big shit eating grin on his face. She would be so surprised to see him. He already had their night planned out. It was late so he figured he had already eaten, but there was still desert to be had. When they got home he will have her wait in their bedroom blindfolded, completely in the dark with only her hearing to leave her guessing what is happening. Drawing them a hot bubble bath with candles all around the tub and bathroom and red rose peddles floating on the surface of the water. By now she would smell the sweet candles and hear the light music playing from the bathroom. And knowing her she would try to sneak a peek, but he knew her too well. “No peeking kitten, or you’ll ruin the surprise” Chuckling he could invasion her huffing and putting the black scarf back in place. She was so cute when she didn’t get her way. While she was huffing and puffing over having to wait he will quickly go downstairs and grab the plate of strawberries and whipped cream on a silver tray that he had prepared earlier, and a side of warm chocolate and honey. He couldn’t choose what to lick off that sweet ass body of her first so he opted for them all.

Coming back to the present his imagination took over with what will happen after the bath and their desert. His cock straining in his jeans at the mere thought, god she was his undoing.

But his thoughts were brought up short and he stopped in his tracks. Her familiar laugh drifted through the halls of the hospital like music. But at this moment he wasn’t happy to hear it. She stood with her back to him not 20 feet away, laughing harder than he had heard in a long time. There would be no problem, except for the tall man standing in front of her who was making her laugh rubbed him the wrong way. He was as tall as Kaleb but build a little smaller, blonde hair to his shoulders and he had a cocky grin on his face. He bastard had the balls to look up and stare right at him. His gaze felt like it was looking right through him.

Kaleb pulled his hands slowly from his pockets and fisted them, tight. Ready to pound the mother fucker for even talking to his mate. The man standing before him wasn’t human, that was more than clear, he had a tall stance about him and looked like he could hold his own. Searching his mind he drew out images of fire, surrounding him. His hands filled with flames as he threw the fire balls at his enemies. But he also got a glimpse of this man hovering over a human, in this hospital. It looked like he was sucking something from them, almost like a mist. Great a fucking demon, just what he wanted to deal with.

The stranger nodded to Mia as she talked but kept his focus on Kaleb. The scenarios running through his mind was enough to make even the strongest immortal sick. He had plans for Mia, twisted sick ideas. The demon must have felt him plucking at his brain because the next thing he knew he was locked out. Cursing to himself Mia whipped her head around, whether she heard him or felt him because he was too busy getting dirty on this guy to keep his block up, he wasn’t sure. But she squealed and turned on her heels and jumped into his arms. “Baby! Oh my god, what are you doing here?? Not that Im not happy to see you!”

He wrapped his arms tight around her waist and hugged her as she kissed him. Setting her down before her boss caught them he smiled down at her and tucked her hair behind her ear. “It was meant to be a surprise. I have the rest of the night off and I want to spend it with you. Are you off soon?” Ignoring the demon for now as Mia nodded and kissed him again and went to grab her things to clock out. When Mia was out of sight he sent a message to the demon ~Leave this hospital now, and don’t come back. Or I will kill you. No questions asked, just your head on a pike in my front yard~

The demon growled and didn’t seem intimidated much but he turned and stalked off. Great now he can add demon babysitter to the list of shit he’s gotta do. A few minutes later Mia came back from her nurse’s station, her purse in hand and was ready to go. Her smile was so wide he thought her lips would split, and his good mood was now gone. Taking the elevator back down to the ground floor parking lot she pulled him to a stop a few feet from the Hummer. “What is going on, you haven’t said much” He was going to wait till they go home to get into this but the empty lot was a good a place as any.

“Do you know who you were just flirting with up there?” Her hand dropped from his to cover her mouth in shock.
“Flirting? We were talking, he was telling me about his little boy that was on my floor. Is that a crime now?” She was getting upset, he could feel it, but she was clueless as to what that asshole really way.

He laughed without humor and threw his hands up “No love, he made that up. That guy in there” his arm pointing to the entrance they just came from “is a demon, a soul sucking scum bag that prays on the sick and dying. You kitten were going to be his next sex slave if I didn’t stop him.” She let out an audible gasp and took a step back. She was still a new turn and couldn’t read minds so she would have had no idea. He couldn’t tell if he was more pissed off by the fact that she was buying into his sob story and would have helped him with his “son” in any way she could, or that he didn’t kill the fucker right there any then.

He forgot how innocent she was. That all of the myths she heard as a child were real. All of the monsters that go bump in the night were everywhere, just hidden under the radar. Later he would teach her all of the stories and how to differ between them all, but for now he was going to mark her. He had an uncontrollable urge to jump her and make her understand who she belonged to.

“It’s ok kitten, I will take care of it, don’t worry. All you need to worry about now is me” A slow smirk crossed his lips as he stalked towards her. They’ve played this game before, she would try to run but he always caught her. She ran for the Hummer door and tried to yank it open but it was still locked. Flashing behind her he pressed his chest tight against her back, squishing her front against the cool metal of the car, the side of her face pressed against the door panel, her breath already catching. Brushing her hair from her face he kissed her neck.

“No running kitten, you belong to me. I own you heart and soul and I’m going to remind you of that, just in case you forgot” she tried to protest, no doubt to tell him she loved him always but she shushed her.

“Remember now, you don’t talk unless I ask you a question, and Master follows your reply. Or you get punished” His other hand stroking down her back to her ass, smacking her cheek she held back a yelp. “Good kitten, I’m going to smack that pretty little ass until it’s cherry red, and you’re going to take it all, aren’t you?”

She wanted to whimper he could feel it, but she held strong a nodded “Yes Master” Growling his approval he flashed them back home, straight to the dungeon.

Before she could move he stripped her scrubs lifted her up and strapped her to the wall. Cuffs hanging at the four points for her ankles and wrists he strapped them in with her face towards the wall. Her legs were forced apart and spread wide, her arms above her head. She could still move her head just enough to see him behind her. He didn’t touch her right away. He wanted her to wait, that anticipation to build up higher and higher, not knowing what to expect. A paddle or his hand, maybe even a whip. He hadn’t decided yet but he knew the waiting would drive her crazy. That’s exactly what he wanted. Her hot and wet dripped for him.

Sitting on the paddled table behind her, out of sight she would be able to feel him close but not know what he was doing. Minutes dragged on that felt like hours. She was enduring the silence well. Rewarding her he pushed himself from the table and stood behind her, not touching her anywhere but her wet core, he dragged his finger through her folds. “Mm so wet and juicy for me already. I can smell it kitten, your scent is all over this room” His fingers working her clit, she stayed still. Because she knew if she moved his attention would stop. He pushed her close to the edge, her tight pussy gripping his fingers like a vise, but then he pulled back. “You will not cum, not yet love”

She cursed internally making him chuckle “That will earn you another spanking” Leaving her side he grabbed one of the whips off the wall and whipped it against the wall, close to her body but not hitting her. She took a sharp intake of breath, more from need then fear and it thrilled him to no end. “You belong to me Mia, and no one else. Say it!” His hand gripping the leather wrapped handle tight he whipped her ass, leaving a bright red streak a crossed it.

She didn’t answer right away like he wanted so he whipped her again. Trying to get the words past her lips but her tongue was stuck. Whipping again he growled. Finally letting the words fall from her lips she panted out “Oh yes! …I’m yours Master!”

His cock throbbed so hard his pulse was beating through his dick. The zipper from his jeans was no doubt imprinted against his hard shaft. Dropping the whip and stripped his clothes. Still not ready to give her what they both want he comes up behind her and runs his hands over his fine work. “So beautifully red” Slapping an open palm over her ass she moaned, the pleasure pain taking over and making her drunk with need. She was starting to wobble on her legs. He kept her up right and rubs the sting away.

“Don’t ever forget who owns this pretty little ass kitten” Landing another smack to the other cheek he then reached down to free her ankles, rubbing the soreness away, but leaving her wrists cuffed he stood up and pulled her hips against his still throbbing cock.

“I want to hear it again. Who owns you Mia?” He turned her face to look at him and saw the tears that streaked her face. Her breathing was heavy. She so desperate to cum she was on the threshold and just needed a push. It was amazing how much that turned him on, her need for him and what he could give her, what only he could give her. “You own me Master, only you”

As the last word left her mouth he plunged deep inside her, setting off her orgasm. She cried out unable to hold back. She sagged against the cuffs and his hands held her up as she rode out her intense release. Just as she was coming down he pulled out and thrust back in, hard and deep. She cried out again. Keeping his pace he fucked her faster and harder. He wouldn’t last long at this rate. Roaring out he could feel his orgasm building so high his vision was starting to fade. Quickly undoing her wrists from the cuffs, she gripped the wall as best he could and held on for the ride. His balls were so tight he was going to explode. She was going to lose it again too.

His fangs dropped sinking them into her shoulder set them both off. She bucked wildly against him screaming his name. His hot seed shooting into her sheath filling her tight core. He stopped drinking and sealed the wounds. Both of them panting trying to suck in air, he collapsed to the floor, taking her with him she landed on his chest breaking her fall. He didn’t care, he was too spent to move. She laughed and tried to wiggle on him, his hand held her hips in place “Don’t move love” He flashed them to their bed and pulled the covers over them. Her body draped over his.

He wasn’t done with her, not by a long shot. Her hand fluttered over his abs and down to his groin, his hand caught her wrist “Give me five minutes kitten” Chuckling he kissed her forehead and closed his eyes and mumbled “I love you Mia”