Thursday, November 3, 2011

How I got started..

Most authors will tell you they have been writing for years, that they have always wanted to write and loved to read and thought of nothing else. That their lives were consumed by great ideas and reading was an adventure. Well let me stop you there. That wasn't the case for me. In fact I didn't get into reading until I hit college. And writing? Was the farthest from my mind.

I've always had a fascination for the paranormal, whether it was ghosts, vampires, werewolves or anything out of the ordinary. But it never occurred to me to pick up a book and read about them. I was more of the movie type. Because if you could watch it in 2 hours and it be done, how fast is that right? I've always loved Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned. The old Bram Stroker movies were great. So as you can already tell I had a thing for vampires. I love how sexual and strong they are, not only physically but mentally. The idea of being near that power and energy is so amazing. Just watching them or even now reading about them there is a crackle of energy that goes through you as you read and experience their stories.

The idea of living forever has is pros and cons but what had me hooked with vampires was the dominance. You dont see a weak vamp in books or movies and if you do they don't live too long. They know how to handle most situations (and of course its the love part that stumbles them up, go figure) but they find a way to make it work. Whether it be with a human, vamp, imortal, were or whatever vampires have always been flexible when it came to who they could be with. So I love the diversity with them. And of course who doesn't get excited thinking of a vamp coming up close to you, brushing your hair aside to have the perfect angle, watching as your pulse beats faster, anticipation swarming you and then before you know it his fangs are burring deep in your neck...Ok sorry, got off track for a second there. But you get the point, they are sexy as hell and are my all time favorite paranormal creature.

So back to how I got started. You might find it funny to learn that my very first vampire book was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Yes I know not everyones first choice but she did get me started. Well actually my sister turned me on to the book in the first place so I should be thanking her! My sister was the same a me, we didn't read. We didnt grow up reading so to find out that she had finished not only the first and second book but was working on the third was mind blowing to me. If she had read them they had to be good! So I picked up the first book and started it one night while I was away at college and didnt put it down until the next night when I finished it. I couldnt believe it. I had never read so fast and been so swept up by a book in my life. Now granted since then I have read many many books and have been lost in them just as equally but from that moment on I was hooked. I bought every vampire paranormal book I could get my hands on. I read so many authors I can't even name them all or pick a favorite. I admit I was Twilight obsessed for awhile there but soon found so much more in the paranormal romance section.

After college and reading so many more books I found a new place to be all the time, FaceBook. Yes I know its anotehr addiction, and became even more so when I found out about Role Playing. I had no idea what the hell it was. It was an accident that I even heard about it. At that time I had just finished reading the latest book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. That is definitely one of my favorites, so i can pick one lol. I ha made a comment on her fan page and someone asked if I wanted to join a group, not knowing much else I agreed and got started. Well that was the start of my writing. I was on everyday all day reading other posts and writing as much as I could with anyone who would write with me. But soon writing for someone elses characters wasn't enough. So I created a few indy characters and started my own groups, making up our own stories and creating new worlds. I started writing small chapters and adding the on my pages.

A big help and influence is my fiance Todd. From day one he has always told me to do what makes me happy. Being in a long distance relationship makes it hard to always do that when you only get to see each other on weekends. But even when were together if I need to get things done with writing or anything he has never had an issue with it. I cant tell you how rare that is and how much I love him for it. He has done so much for me and put up with so much I can't thank him enough for being who he is to me.

I never got as far as publishing anything but then I met Michelle Hughes. She had just put out her first book A Night at Tears of Crimson and I loved the idea. I bought the book and read it up. She had a Role Play group that was just starting so being the big RPer lately I asked to join. I loved player her charas and helped in any way I could. I must have been doing something write because she asked me to co-write the second book Eternal Crimson. Which is where I am today. Writing with Michelle and promoting her first book, which was just so great. It's new and different and you would all love it!

So that is my story.. I hope it make some of you think and maybe even inspire some of you. Just because I started late in the game and wasn't interested in reading or writing doesnt mean I cant be great now. We all learn and do things at out own pace and doing what you love is what matters. So if you've always thought about writing or are just getting started I wish you luck and know this, even the best author needs help and can always learn more.